Neptune Explorer Unit


It is made up of boys and girls, ages 14 to 18 years.

Meetings are held every Friday evening from 7.15 to 9.15 pm
Open most Sunday afternoons during the summer.


Here is a list of some the activities that we try to do during the year.
This list is just a sample as it constantly changes depending on the wishes
of the Unit members and the planning of the Executive Committee

Queen Scout Award
Activity badge
First Aid
Backwoods cooking
Survival skills


Like the Cubs and Scouts, the Explorer Scouts is a uniformed organisation,
therefore you will need to have a uniform to join the Scouts.
You may find that you already have one or two of the required items that you wear to school or college.
The uniform list is as follows:

Sea Scout cap and tally band.
Blue Sea Scout shirt
Navy & White Neptune scarf.
Black, Dark Grey or Navy Blue trousers. (Male)
Black, Dark Grey or Navy Blue trousers / Skirt. (Female)
Scout belt.
Black socks
Black shoes.

The troop leaders will be able to advise you on where to purchase your Explorer uniform,
which should be done before you complete the Explorer membership badge

If you have any questions please contact: