Explorer Friday Night Fun

Explorer Friday Night Fun

With us having our first proper week of hot weather, all the explorers wanted to do was cool off!

Between myself and Jake we came up with an idea to help them cool off and to have fun at the same time. The idea was simply split into two teams, pick a boat and using only a canoe paddle get each member across the river and back. Sounds simple…

It was a great laugh with even us leaders having a turn.

It was off to a great start with myself and Kieran being the first two to race. He managed to get a few paces in front but it all fell apart when ‘Pickford’ took his go, being one of the least experienced in a boat, it gave our team plenty of time to catch up and overtake bringing in the win for us. But it didn’t end cleanly with the other team trying everything to stop Jenson getting back (including capsizing him). Overall a great evening.

We look forward to having more hot evenings on the water.